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We can ride the scooter legally on Irish roads and public spaces!

Electric Scooter is becoming more and more popular in EU. As an environmentally friendly, cost-effective alternative to cars or public transports for local travel, e-scooters have attracted many fans and enthusiasts because of its numerous benefits.

The consumer demand for e-scooter for recreational and commute purposes keep increasing, but laws on e-scooters aren’t always clear and variable in EU countries now. But here we got exciting news for Irish e-scooter fans.

At 19th Oct 2021, the Irish Government had published the Road Traffic and Roads Bill 2021 (the “RTR Bill”) which legislates, for the first time, for the use of e-scooters and e-bikes on Irish roads and public spaces.

According to the Road Traffic and Roads Bill 2021, a new class of powered personal transporters (PPTs), will be created, and the Minister will be able to provide for the use of these vehicles in public places under existing regulatory powers.

Further rules for electric scooters and electric bikes will be laid out in more detail over the following months.

The rules of Irish road

Here, we uncover the key facts around the rules of Irish road.

Speed limits (6kph-25kph, 20kph on specified roads)

The legislation outlines that speed limits will be set at no less than six kilometers per hour (kph) and no more than 25kph, but cities will be given the power to set a lower 20kmph speed limit for e-scooters on specified roads or parts of roads.

Where you can ride your e-scooter

You will not be allowed to ride your e-scooter on motorways and busways, but you will be allowed to ride them on cycle routes and private land.

Privately owned scooters may be permitted

While the process has not been finalized, a spokesperson from the Irish Department of Transport has been reported to say that new regulations will apply to “both privately owned and rental e-scooters”, indicating the use of privately owned e-scooters on roads will be permitted.

Do you need a license for an electric scooter

There is no specific law covering them. They are considered to be mechanically-propelled vehicles, which means that if they are used in public places users must hold a licence and insurance.

Age limit (16+)

It will be illegal to supply an electric scooter to someone under 16; you will have to be 16 and over to ride an e-scooter legally.

Other important rules

It will also be an offence to use a mobile phone or entertainment equipment while riding one. Also, it will be an offence for anyone on an e-scooters to hold on to any other vehicle which is in motion or hold on to any person or thing on, in, or attached to, any such vehicle.

How it should be made

  • e-scooters must be designed and constructed for the carriage of a single person but not designed or constructed for a person with restricted mobility or for the carriage of goods.
  • The maximum continuous power output of the motor is strictly limited to 0.25KW.
  • Digital signals will display changeable speed limits, allowing operators to reduce speed on sections of the motorway or close lanes if traffic jams, a road crash, or emergency service access is needed.

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Your information here is completely incorrect.

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