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B20 Pro

Bigger and Smart

B20 Pro is equipped with larger tires and supports Bluetooth connection smart APP function

About B20 Pro


B20 TO B20 PRO

As an upgraded model of B20, B20 PRO is equipped with larger tires and longer range.



The B20 PRO is more suitable for tall riders and has a more comfortable seat cushion.


The boost mode is really great, you only need to step on the pedal lightly to get a strong power


B3 Electric Bike

Install pedals and chain on B3 electric scooter to get B3 electric bike easily

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Pedals and Chains

Can be purchased on the official website: Accessories>B3 Accessories>Pedal Chain Installation Kit
If out of stock please contact customer service:


With pedals and chain

The new B3 electric bicycle with chain has a longer battery life.


Bettery life in power assist mode

Power mode down to reduce battery power consumption

About us

Design inspired by dolphins

The streamlined frame is inspired by dolphins, every ride is like lvx with dolphins

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