About us

Ride with Windgoo

Windgoo aims to engage closely with our consumers to provide the new green lifestyle and explore the fun together.

Explore more fun with green lifestyle

Windgoo always believes that a green lifestyle can bring more fun and health to life. We design and create products that are both functional and affordable to make power easy for everyone.

Explore the technical, healthy, carbon-free lifestyle with young people

-Windgoo CEO Becky

We believe that riding makes people feel good

Our Story

Windgoo was created in 2014,by our founder Becky,who is the serial entrepreneur from her university age. Becky noticed the strict traffic congestion in her first-time EU business trip and keenly aware of the potential business opportunities. At the same time, after our market research, we found more and more EU people prefer green, sustainable and low-carbon life.

Our Mission

Our core mission was inspired from e-mobility products, so Windgoo is pushing the worldʼs transition to a clean, convenient and sustainable energy with electric scooters and electric bikes. However, as we grow with the market change, we realize the bigger mission on green energy, especially when COVID-19 and Russia-Ukraine War occurred.

Our Vision

As Warren Buffett said,"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it" Any brand development is based on our customer trust. We cherish our reputation and also care about what our customer wants.

Therefore, we will always stand with our customer.

Our History

our begin

Windgoo Founded

In 2014, Ms. Becky, the founder of Windgoo, created the Windgoo brand. During the same period, the Windgoo self-balancing vehicle became the best-selling product in North America, with a total sales volume of 500,000+ units.

transfer market

Step into EU market

In 2016, Windgoo entered the European market for the first time, and France became the first stop of Windgoo electric bicycles and electric scooters. In the same year, it once became the most popular new brand in the local area.

European brand

Enter the French supermarket

In 2017, Windgoo electric balance bike became the best-selling product in the French market, and became the first foreign brand invited to enter the local supermarket. The electric scooter series often sold out after replenishment.

online business

Sell on Amazon

In order to allow more consumers who love our products in the European market to buy, Windgoo accepted Amazon’s invitation to start online sales in 2018. At the same time, it opened Amazon UK, France and Germany, and the brand quickly entered the 2.0 era.


Enter the Dutch supermarket

Starting in 2022, Windgoo has built the first local after-sales team in the Netherlands, and has become the first non-Dutch brand to be invited to enter offline supermarkets in the Netherlands. Windgoo is officially moving towards the 3.0 stage of local sales of local services.
Looking forward to moving forward with everyone and witnessing our growth together...

Our Future

We'll explore the green future with our customers. We also hope to engage more people in the healthy carbon-free lifestyle affordably and explore more fun with green lifestyle.

No matter now or in future, people can conveniently test and buy Windgoo products as they want!