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An E-Mobility passion since 2014.

Our journey began with a vision, a dream that came to life through the passion of our founder, Becky. It's a true ride aficionado, had always believed that Windgoo was more than just transportation. It was a lifestyle, a means of self-expression, an environmental protection language spoken without words.

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You’re young and you want an e-bike. Simple enough. But,you do have a few desires. Your e-bike has to be cool, handy to use, not too expensive and needless to say, green.
Actually it’s simple, you want to ride an e-bike without having to worry about anything. Because you are young, life is a party and that also applies to your rides on your means of transport. You want to get from A to B without any hassle. You want to fold it without any problems. And charge it without any fuss. In short, you want an e-bike that gives you nothing but pleasure.
Windgoo understands you completely. Changing a battery takes a few seconds and folding your e-bike might take a little longer. And last but not least, an e-bike from Windgoo fits perfectly with how you think about our planet and your future.
If you ride Windgoo, you’ll be riding an e-bike or scooter that provides miles of carefree cycling joy.

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