How to choose an electric scooter?

How to choose an electric scooter? - Windgoo

How to choose an electric scooter?

Nowadays, electric scooters have gradually replaced electric bicycles and have become one of the mainstream means of transportation. They have many advantages such as lightness, compactness, environmental protection, and stop at any time, and are favored by many people. Many people choose electric scooters as commuting tools, and they no longer need to crowd subways and buses. Moreover, it is easy to carry after being folded, and it can also be taken to the subway or office together. It is also a very useful means of transportation for people who are not close to the subway. It can save time, space, labor than bicycles, and the speed is no worse than electric bicycles. There are really many advantages.

But how should an electric scooter be chosen? There are a dazzling array of products on the market, each with its own characteristics. What kind of electric scooter is the best?

1. Pre-purchase notices

It should be noted in advance that there are several common problems with electric scooters currently on the market:

1. Limited waterproof function: When purchasing, be sure to ask the customer service if it is possible to ride in rainy days. If not, try not to ride for a long time in rainy days.

2. The parts are easy to wear and tear: When purchasing, you must know the material of the folded part. If it is made of aluminum, it is recommended to purchase it with caution, as it is easy to break.

Advantages of electric scooters:

1. Simple assembly: In my opinion, it is a model with the attribute of "transportation", and it is not difficult to assemble.
2. Intuitive operation: It is not difficult to learn how to use it, and it can be learned quickly.
3. Interesting usage: Whether you are a child or an adult, you can find your own happiness through the electric skateboard.
4. Flexible shuttle: Lightweight models can pass through trails and gaps between cars at will, but this is not to encourage everyone to shuttle in places with high traffic flow.

One more thing to add: electric pulleys have one of the biggest advantages over other cars: even if there is no electricity, you can still go home all the way~ It’s so fun.

2, The purchase points

1. Small and easy to carry

Choose a foldable scooter, whether it's taking the subway or taking it into the office, it's very convenient.

2. Weight problem

In terms of volume, do not choose too heavy (not easy to carry), nor too light (insufficient safety performance).

3. Battery life

The cruising range of most electric scooters is generally within the range of 20km-50km. The cruising range in this range is relatively affordable and can basically meet daily needs.
If you usually use an electric scooter for a long distance, you must choose a longer cruising range to avoid the embarrassment of running out of electricity halfway. However, it should be noted that an electric scooter with a long cruising range has a relatively large battery capacity, which means that the body will be heavier, so do not pursue the cruising range too much.

4. Tire selection

Most of the solid tires or pneumatic tires on the market are solid tires. Solid tires are durable, but the driving experience is not very good, that is, the shock absorption function is poor. The pneumatic tires have good experience and good shock absorption effect, but there is a risk of tire blowout. time exposure. Of course, there are also some products that use more practical tires, but the price will be higher.

5. Speed

The core motor of the electric scooter, the quality of the motor determines the speed and durability of the car. It is recommended that the optimal speed be controlled between 15~23km/h.
Try to choose a model with intelligent speed limit, that kind of unlimited scooter is too dangerous, safety first!

6. Brand price

It is most important to choose a brand with after-sales guarantee.

7. Motor

The electric scooters on the market today basically use brushless motors, which have low noise and strong controllability. If they are high-speed and high-temperature resistant magnetic steel brushless motors, it will be better. It can withstand high temperatures of 120 degrees and can be used for a long time. It will not demagnetize and is more durable.
The power of the motor will affect the speed and power of use. The greater the power, the greater the speed and the stronger the power. Generally, the power of an electric scooter with a climbing function should reach 800w-1200w, but the climbing ability and voltage are also related, and it is usually used. If there are many climbing sections, you can choose a voltage of 52V and above, and an electric power of more than 1200W.

8. Security system

①Double brake system
Braking is a very important item. It is related to your own safety. You must consider whether the brakes are flexible. A relatively safe electric scooter uses front and rear brakes. The front brake is the main brake component, and the rear wheel caster brake is the emergency brake.

②Shock Absorber System
Some electric scooters are shock-absorbing on the front wheels and not shock-absorbing on the rear wheels. It doesn't matter if the road is relatively flat, but if the road is not good, there will be shocks.

③ Height adjustment
The height-adjustable electric scooter will be more user-friendly, after all, everyone's height is inconsistent.

④Waterproof performance
If you want to choose a waterproof electric scooter, the waterproof level must reach IPX4 to have the waterproof effect, and the higher the level, the better the waterproof effect.


Whether it is urban commuting or outdoor sports, choosing an electric scooter that suits you is the most important thing. Windgoo always escorts every electric scooter enthusiast!

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