Windgoo's Frist Ambassador Dealer

Windgoo's Frist Ambassador Dealer - Windgoo

Establishing the windgoo brand is our ultimate goal. As stepping closer to EU marketing, we realize that there is still a lot to be done...


At the end of 2021, windgoo founder Becky has been thinking about how to bring a good customer experience and provide better services to windgoo riders. In the past B2B business model, we were only responsible for supplying products to distributors, and the types and scales of distributors were mixed, resulting in price competition among distributors and unstable consumer experiences. Without any doubt, distributors are getting impatient with price competition, also the service for windgoo consumers cannot be guaranteed, which seriously impacts our brand image.

Fortunately, Becky caught this pain point in time and led the sales team to actively rectify it.


After multiple rounds of distributor visits, Becky and her team found a new opportunity - signing ambassador dealers to optimize sales channels and upgrade customer service. We had reached a consensus with our business partners: we need to find official ambassador dealers to provide secure, high-quality, and localized services to windgoo customers in Europe.

We strictly recruit excellent partners, those who have the potential to be windgoo official ambassador dealers. Our agent distributors will provide European customers with complete and close services from pre-sales to after-sales. Meanwhile, windgoo will always be at the back of them, providing our partners with more attractive prices and unlimited after-sales support.

In the first quarter of this year, we began to apply the unified management of retail prices, and build maintenance centers in the EU. We are approaching our goal now, and we will share it all with you guys soon!


On Apr 9th, our business partner from Utrecht, CY Trading, became the first ambassador dealer of windgoo. The friendship between CY Trading and windgoo has lasted for more than two years. We have overcome many difficulties together and have never let go of each other's hands. He is our first partner who supports the transformation of windgoo.

John, founder of CY Trading said, "I am very happy that the two parties have reached current achievements. And I have the confidence to construct a local service network with windgoo and foster the common success of windgoo and CY Trading!"

The most fantastic part of the business is that we can unite a group of friends in the same camp and build our world together!


We still have many friends like John. Old friends are by our side dreaming big with us, and new friends are walking toward us with hope. We love our jobs doing good for the green world. Join us to create a new world full of hope, if you are a dream chaser like windgoo.

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