Discover Europe's Most Picturesque Cycling Routes

Discover Europe's Most Picturesque Cycling Routes

Hi fellow cycling enthusiasts! If you love cycling as much as I do, the continent’s stunning scenery and rich culture will enchant you. Today I will recommend some excellent cycling routes in Europe, allowing you to swim in the charming natural scenery and experience an unprecedented adventure!

A trip to the Alps - challenging the limits of nature

If you're eager to push your limits, the Alps are your ultimate destination! Suitable for intermediate and expert riders. There are a variety of riding routes here, from easy mountain trails to challenging alpine sections. Not only can you admire the breathtaking majestic mountain peaks, but you can also appreciate the unique humanistic customs of the Alps.

Here are some recommended routes for you:

Sellaronda (Circular ride): View of the hairpin bends of Passo Gardena-Passo Gardena-Passo Sella-Monti Pallidi-Passo Pordoi-Passo Campolongo-Corvara (total 51.7km, about 3.5 hours of riding)

Gotthard, Furka and Nufenen passes: San Gottardo via Tremola-Passo del San Gottardo-Furkapass-Passo della Novena (total 99.6km, about 7 hours of riding)

Cycling trip in the Netherlands - windmills and scenery

The Netherlands' flat terrain and excellent cycle path system make cycling enjoyable and easy. You can ride along the pastoral scenery dotted with windmills and feel the breeze blowing on your face. You can also stop in the town to taste authentic Dutch cheese and delicious Dutch coffee.

You can try the Pont over the North Sea Canal route: Bloemendaal-Molen de Veer-Penningsveer Molen-Bridge over the Binnenliede-Battery and Spaarnwouderveen-Top park to cycle through-Nice bridge in a great area to cycle-Pont over the North Sea Canal-View on Spaarndam (Total 47.2km, about 2.5 hours of riding)

A trip to Spain’s coastline - soak up the sun and delicious food

Road cycling along Spain's northern coast is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding routes in Spain. Not only does it give you endless sea views atop cliffs and forested hills, it also takes you through a region of Spain filled with culture and world-famous cuisine, Michelin-starred restaurants and delightful fishing villages serving exquisite seafood platters and locally produced cider or txakoli. Drive along quiet coastal roads or take on challenging routes with constant climbs and steep hills, all in an area famous for its wide, empty beaches and stunning views. At the end of the day, there are a wealth of hotel and dining options, ranging from charming country style to world-class luxury.

Here are some cycling route suggestions:

La Rioja - Basque Coast: This takes you deep into a part of Spain where ancient routes pass through golden fields and wind through medieval cities. Depart from Rioja and travel through rolling vineyards, along part of the legendary Camino de Santiago, and around the foothills of the Navarran Pyrenees to reach Brazil. The small town of San Sebastian on the Basque Coast and the sparkling blue sea.

Navarra - Basque Coast: a perfect combination of cycling, gastronomy, culture and sophistication. This tour of Northern Spain takes you on a road bike ride through Navarre and into the Basque Country, with your final day spent on the coast in the elegant city of San Sebastian.

A trip to Tuscany, Italy - the palace of art and food

In addition, do you want to feel the romantic and artistic atmosphere? Then Tuscany, Italy is the place for you! Cycling in Tuscany will dazzle you with world-class cuisine, charming ancient towns and gorgeous natural scenery. You can stroll among vineyards and olive groves, taste authentic Italian cuisine, and experience the charm of the Renaissance in Florence, the capital of art.


Q: What items do I need to prepare for cycling in Europe?

A: Having the right bike and safety gear is a top priority, including a helmet, gloves, cycling clothing and cycling shoes. In addition, you need to bring necessary items such as chargers, maps, water bottles, sunscreen and rain gear.

Q: Do you need a special permit or visa to cycle in Europe?

A: Generally, European cycling does not require special permits or visas. But if you plan to stay in Europe for more than 90 days, you may need to apply for a long-term visa. It is recommended to check the entry regulations of the destination country in advance.

Q: Is cycling suitable for all ages?

A: Cycling is an activity suitable for all ages, but you need to choose a suitable route and distance based on your personal strength and health. Generally speaking, Europe has a relatively complete network of bicycle trails, offering routes of a variety of difficulties and lengths to choose from.

Q: How long do I need to prepare to complete a European cycling route?

A: The preparation time depends on factors such as the length and difficulty of the route you choose, your personal health and riding experience. It is recommended to be fully prepared at least several months in advance, including training, planning routes, booking accommodation and purchasing insurance.

Q: How to stay safe while riding a bicycle?

A: Staying safe is your top priority as a cyclist. During riding, you need to abide by traffic rules, wear a helmet, stay alert, and avoid peak hours and complex road sections. In addition, it is recommended to keep in touch with family or friends at all times to inform you of your location and plans.


Whether you want to push your limits or just relax, there's a cycling route in Europe to suit you. Bring your bike, follow your heart, and let's explore this beautiful continent together! Remember to bring your camera to record your wonderful moments and make every ride an unforgettable memory!

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