Employees Riding Firsthand, Providing Insights for New Product Experience

Employees Riding Firsthand, Providing Insights for New Product Experience

At Windgoo, our commitment has always been to deliver an outstanding user experience. To ensure that our upcoming product aligns with user expectations and needs, we organized a special event this week – an internal expedition where our employees personally rode and experienced our future E-bike innovation.

We believe that the best product experience often stems from team members having firsthand encounters, offering insights into both the strengths and areas for improvement of our products.

Even before the journey began, the mere presence of the new product in our office filled everyone with anticipation. The eagerness to personally feel the features and performance of the new product was palpable. The riding experience turned out to be not only a pleasurable adventure but also a resonance with the product and the future users.

After the ride, we actively shared our experiences and recommendations. From aesthetics, comfort, and handling, to power performance capabilities, every detail received meticulous evaluation. These invaluable feedback will directly influence the direction of product enhancements.

Based on the suggestions from our team members, we will promptly take action to improve the product. This event is not just a mere experiential activity; it is a part of our continuous pursuit of excellence.

The success of Windgoo has always been reliant on the effort of our team and the support of our users. We look forward to introducing our new product in the near future, aiming to provide an unparalleled riding experience for more users.

Thank you for growing with Windgoo and sharing in our pursuit of excellence!

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