Ideal Father's Day Gift

Windgoo M20 E-scooter, Ideal Father's Day Gift

Whenever we talk about the word “father”, our brain would always come up with the image of a reliable man. We can't help but feel a sense of security.

It is said that “Fathers are the god-sent angels to protect their families!”. Because He is the one who works throughout the day without any break for the betterment of his beloved. Fathers will always be there when we need help the most and give care, even if sometimes the tone of concern is serious. However, it is also because of this reliable and serious role of fathers that it is more likely for us to underestimate the contribution of fathers and ignore that fathers also need to enjoy life, that Dad can still be a chasing boy~


We really need to do something to thank our fathers for their dedication and to show our love for them! And now, the annual Father's Day is coming! There is no better choice than greeting with incredible Father’s Day gifts to him to render a token of love.

For this special day, Windgoo would like to recommend an electric scooter as one of the best Father’s Day gifts, Windgoo M20, to allow Dads to enjoy views no matter whether they are commuting or on their weekends.  

Windgoo M20 E-scooter, Ideal Father's day gift 

The Windgoo M20 e-scooter is our flagship product with a 350W motor and high-capacity battery, which drives 20~22KM for a single range, but only needs 4Hrs charging to full power!

All Features Suitable for Dad

When you first glance at the Windgoo M20, you will be attracted by its sturdy appearance of the M20. Larger tires and the more extensive deck are as reliable as the sense of security that comes from fathers. Besides the appearance, the excellent performance of M20 is one of the reasons you can't refuse it.

Windgoo M20 E-scooter, Ideal Father's day gift

More Comfortable Riding Experience

The Windgoo M20 is definitely a Yes to adapt to multiple road conditions. The Windgoo M20 has 10-inch air-filled tires. Compared with 8-inch tires, the 10-inch tire is capable to go over some small potholes in the field and speed bumps in the city more easily. And the pneumatic tires can bring a better shock absorption effect. Furthermore, the Windgoo M20 is actually equipped with rear-wheel shock absorption, here comes with a more comfortable riding experience.

 Windgoo M20 electric scooter, Dual Suspension System Air-filled tires provide better cushioning and traction

Stop Where You Want

While looking at a scooter, the braking system is a can't missing part which enables you a safe ride. Windgoo M20 has a double mechanical brake system that facilitates quick, smooth stops.

Speed Control All in Your Hands

Windgoo M20 supports You to choose one of the 3-speed modes or the Cruise mode as you want. The cruise control allows you to keep a smooth and stable speed, or you can freely switch from beginner, intermediate to advanced speed mode. The LED screen would show you the battery power and current speed mode.

 Windgoo M20 electric scooter, Speed control & brake system all in your hands

Climbing with Ease

With the 350W powerful motor, it would never be a problem for Windgoo M20 to climb a slope of under 15 degrees. The M20 is such an electric scooter that will make you feel that riding is a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Windgoo M20 E-scooter, Ideal Father's day gift 

By all accounts, Windgoo M20 is perfect for dads as a father's gift. In fact, it's never too late to show our love like a dad.

By the way, did I mention that the M20 is currently on special offer? For only 399 Euros you get a sturdy built, great-performing electric scooter!

The Windgoo M20 is definitely an electric scooter you can't afford to miss!

Windgoo M20 E-scooter, Ideal Father's day gift, best price of 399 eur 

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