The Evolution of E-Bike Safety: Turn Signals

The Evolution of E-Bike Safety: Turn Signals

Everyday road traffic safety: a long-term topic

Everyday road traffic safety has always been a focus of social and political discussion. Cyclists often take individual measures to ensure their own safety, but these measures may not be appreciated by everyone. A topic that has received much attention in this area is the introduction of e-bikes and bicycle indicators, which are currently regulated by the Road Traffic Licensing Ordinance (StVZO).

Turn signals and gesture lights: current situation

While cars can easily use indicators to indicate steering, cyclists currently have to rely on hand signals, which means they have to take their hands off the handlebars. In the past, StVZO did not offer flashing headlights and taillights for conventional and e-bikes, except for some special models.

Prospects for change: a new version of StVZO

However, there are signs that the ban on indicators on bicycles and e-bikes may be lifted in future new versions of StVZO. The federal transport ministry plans to relax previous rules and enable turn signals on bicycles and e-bikes. This could be an important step towards improving road safety.

Indicator lights on e-bikes improve safety

Using turn signals to indicate turns can significantly improve road safety. In contrast, simple gestures are sometimes difficult to recognize, especially in harsh climate conditions. Bright flashing systems attract attention more effectively and alert road users at an early stage.

Current legal situation and future developments

Currently, if you do not use hand signals to indicate a turn, you are committing an offense using an e-bike or bicycle. Although electronic flash systems have been approved for years in places like Switzerland, their use in traffic is still sparse. However, it has not yet been determined whether these systems will become mandatory in the future.

Practice and choose

Although the implementation of the new version of StVZO has not yet been determined, there are already some suppliers producing bicycle turn signals to provide cyclists with more choices. Additionally, some bicycle helmets have integrated indicators, providing another option for those interested in safety and added functionality.

Conclusion: Conscious driving remains key

Whether using hand signals or indicators, conscious and careful driving remains crucial. Riders should always wear a helmet and be sure to observe their surroundings before turning. E-bike experts can provide additional safety advice and personalized advice. Let us continue to pay attention to the development of the field of bicycle safety and make greater contributions to road safety.

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