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  • A letter for Global Call

    A letter for Global Call

      What We are Calling For?  The summer has been particularly hot and difficult this year, and one of the main reasons for this is the rise in global temperatures...
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  • Top Electric Scooters For Commuting

    Top Electric Scooters For Commuting

    Modern people are suffering from kinds of stress from daily life, and one of these stress is coming from commuting. Rising petrol prices, traffic jams that extend commuting times, and public...
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  • How to choose an electric scooter?

    How to choose an electric scooter?

    How to choose an electric scooter? Nowadays, electric scooters have gradually replaced electric bicycles and have become one of the mainstream means of transportation. They have many advantages such as...
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  • Windgoo M20 E-scooter, Ideal Father's Day Gift

    Ideal Father's Day Gift

    Whenever we talk about the word “father”, our brain would always come up with the image of a reliable man. We can't help but feel a sense of security. It...
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  • Windgoo's Frist Ambassador Dealer

    Windgoo's Frist Ambassador Dealer

    Establishing the windgoo brand is our ultimate goal. As stepping closer to EU marketing, we realize that there is still a lot to be done... THE BEGINNING At the end...
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  • E-scooter law in Ireland

    E-scooter law in Ireland

    We can ride the scooter legally on Irish roads and public spaces! Electric Scooter is becoming more and more popular in EU. As an environmentally friendly, cost-effective alternative to cars...
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