Small but powerful

F1 Compact E-Bike

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Commuting and off-roading

F21 Pro Foldable E-Bike

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Get your dream bike today

F5 Motorcycle E-Bike

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Powerful and shock-absorbing

F22 Pro Foldable Off-road E-Bike

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Windgoo B20 ( Pedal assist ) - WindgooWindgoo B20 - Windgoo
Windgoo B20 elektrische fiets AanbiedingsprijsVan €569,99
Windgoo B20 Pro - WindgooWindgoo B20 Pro - Windgoo
B20 Pro elektrische forenzenfiets Aanbiedingsprijs€699,99
Windgoo E20 - WindgooWindgoo E20 - Windgoo
E20 elektrische mountainbike Aanbiedingsprijs€899,99
Windgoo F22 Pro - WindgooWindgoo F22 Pro - Windgoo
Windgoo F21 Pro - WindgooWindgoo F21 Pro - Windgoo
PRE-SALE: Windgoo E20 Pro - WindgooPRE-SALE: Windgoo E20 Pro - Windgoo