Our Story

The Beginning of Windgoo

Windgoo's founder, Becky Lee, embarked on a wild adventure in 2015 when she decided to sell hoverboards and electric scooters in California. Within two years, she managed to build the mega-company Windgoo from an old warehouse.
Today, Windgoo's wide range of products is sold in more than 9 countries, and we annually bring joy to thousands of people with our self-produced bicycles.

Ontdek meer plezier met een groene levensstijl

Windgoo gelooft altijd dat een groene levensstijl meer plezier en gezondheid in het leven kan brengen. We ontwerpen en maken producten die zowel functioneel als betaalbaar zijn om energie voor iedereen gemakkelijk te maken.

Join The Fun!

Our mission remains simple and unchanged. We want to introduce as many people as possible to the joy that Windgoo brings with our beautiful brand. For us, the journey begins after you place your order. With our dedicated customer service team, you'll experience the pleasure of personalized service just like you would with a local business. All this without compromising on comfort, and with the benefit of incredibly competitive prices.

With the help of our many local dealers and 54 staff members, there's always a place nearby where you can discover our bikes and customer-centric approach. Or visit our store in Rotterdam. Windgoo for everyone, that's Joining The Fun as Becky envisioned it back in 2015.