How Can Riding a Bike Save Our Planet and Us

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German inventor Karl von Drais invented the first bike in 1817. It has dramatically impacted human society ever since. From helping people commute, deliver packages, and travel to their destination to becoming a sport and a way of exercise. Bicycles have transformed our world and pushed for economic and social advance. Now it takes on a bigger role, saving the planet Earth.

Riding a bike saves our planet and ourselves!

  • Biking reduces air pollution.

Air pollution is the contamination of the indoor or outdoor environment by any chemical, physical or biological substance in the atmosphere that harms the health of humans and the environment.

Air pollution causes CO2 traps heat in our atmosphere and warming our atmosphere. Global warming causes a rise in sea level, change in precipitation patterns increases risks of droughts and floods and threatens biodiversity. There will be fewer places to live and plant food, which causes poverty and displacement. Eventually endangering all the living lives on the planet Earth.

By choosing to commute and travel with bikes rather than driving a car, you are helping to reduce air pollution.

Researchers led by Dr. Christian Brand from the University of Oxford found that Cyclists had 84% lower CO2 emissions from all daily travel than non-cyclists, and life cycle CO2 emissions decreased by 14% for each additional cycling trip; this is a massive step to cleaning up our air.

  • Biking does not burn nonrenewable fuels

Biking burns calories, not oils. The world consumes 97 million barrels per day, and we only have 47 years of oil reserves left for this consumption rate.

Biking is a great way to reduce individual petroleum consumption. The entire planet Earth would benefit from this.

  • Biking improves physical and mental health

Biking improves your strength, balance, and coordination. Cycling stimulates and improves your heart health, lungs, and circulation, significantly reducing your risk of cardiovascular diseases. By strengthening your heart muscles and reducing blood fat, biking helps your heart and lungs work more efficiently and help you get more oxygen quickly.

Other than physical health, biking also helps improve your mental health. It allows you to be outdoors and get in touch with nature. It also lets you be in touch with the city and brings you closer to your neighbors.

Riding a bike makes the world a better place!

No matter your age, from 7 to 70 years old. No matter what bike you are riding, from classic to electric. No matter whether you are biking to school, work, travel, or just biking for fun. Biking is one of the most eco-friendly ways of commute. By commuting by bike,  you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and help create a more sustainable and green future for everyone.  

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